Invited Industry Speaker: Michael J. Bradford

Michael J. Bradford

Speaker: Michael J. Bradford, Strategic Business Development Director for DELMIA, Dassault Systemes

TItle: Digital Twin vs. Virtual Twin: What is the Difference and what is the value?

Abstract: The concept of a Digital Twin is one of a number of key innovations in Manufacturing today, but it is also an innovation that is in the “Trough of Dissillusionment” according to Gartner. What exactly is the Digital Twin, what do we mean when we talk about Virtual Twin, and how are they different?  What are the potential positive impacts of the Virtual Twin on yor bottom line, and how can the Virtual Twin help you to achieve your Sustainability goals? And how can you avoid the pitfalls that have caused many companies to fail in their Digital Twin efforts? 

In this presentation we will answer these questions and explore real-world examples of how industry leaders are using the Virutal Twin Experience to improve profitability and, at the same time, increase sustainability. We will show you how real-time, virtual representations of a product, platform or even an ecosystem as complex as a city can be used to invent, model, and test disruptive innovations, reducing time to market and improving the sustainability of products and services across their lifecycle. 

Bio: Michael J. Bradford, CIRM, has over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing and Information Technologies as an IT Manager, Materials Manager, Management Consultant, Software Consultant, Business Owner and part-time college instructor. He is currently the Strategic Business Development Director for DELMIA. 

Mike is a member of ASCM (the Association for Supply Chain Management – formerly APICS) and AIAG (the Automotive Industry Action Group.) He has contributed to multiple industry work groups, has spoken at numerous industry workshops and conferences and has been published in several trade magazines.