Workshop on Digital Spectrum Twinning

This workshop explores the emerging field of Digital Twins and its applicability to modeling and monitoring radio spectrum.  With invited expertise from the fields of manufacturing and logistics, we explore the concept of digital spectrum twinning – maintaining updated, cloud-based databases of radio spectrum usage to enable spectrum sharing, location-based services, network optimization, spectrum valuation, new technology development, and other applications. 

Organizers:    Prof. Chris Anderson, United States Naval Academy

Prof. Gregory D. Durgin, Georgia Tech

Submissions to IEEE RFID Conference are open through EDAS. Please, click on the button below to submit your paper. Deadline is February 7, 2022 February 14, 2022)

Topics Include

  • Adapting Digital Twins to Spectrum
  • Adaptive/Site-Specific Propagation Modeling
  • Crowd-Sourced RF Propagation Measurements
  • Novel Spectrum Sensing Networks
  • Fog Computing
  • Techniques for Spectrum Cloud Storage for Digital Twins
  • Number Resolution for RFID
  • CBRS-related Spectrum Management
  • 5/6G and Beyond
  • Propagation Modeling
  • Space-based RF Observations
  • Radiometry Hardware
  • Low-powered Sensing Technology/IoT
  • Digital Twin Tech. Relevant to Spectrum
  • Network Densification Studies
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Cooperative Radio Communications
  • Encryption and Security
  • Decentralized Databases/Blockchain
  • Passive Radio Spectrum Usage
  • National Radio Dynamic Zones (NRDZ)
  • Emerging Location-Based Services
  • New Spectrum Sharing Methods
  • Frequency Agile Radio Systems
  • Computation on the Network Edge
  • Privacy/Data Protection
  • Quantum Computing Applications
  • Radio Astronomy Usage
  • Spectrum Policy – Related Applications

The Workshop on Digital Spectrum Twinning accepts several submission types: Abstracts, Tutorials, and Demos: lightly-reviewed summaries of proposed oral presentations.  Submit abstracts via e-mail to Prof. Gregory D. Durgin ( by 14 February 2022Full Papers: peer-reviewed manuscripts intended for publication on IEEExplore.  Manuscripts should be 2-6 pages (2 col, IEEE format), submitted by the advertised conference paper deadline.  See IEEE RFID 2022 call-for-papers for submission instructions.