Workshop on Energy Harvesting

This workshop will host researchers and engineers interested in the explosive field of RF and hybrid energy-harvesting technology.

Submissions to IEEE RFID Conference are open through EDAS. Please, click on the button below to submit your paper. Deadline is February 7, 2022 February 14, 2022)

Topics Include

  • RF energy-harvesting techniques
  • Multi-sine and power optimized waveforms
  • Low-power charge pumps
  • Charge management systems
  • Hybrid sources involving combinations of RF, solar, thermal, vibration, others
  • Ambient RF energy scavenging
  • Applications involving energy-harvesting
  • Battery charging and supercapacitors
  • Energy-investment schemes for harvesting
  • Hardware Demonstrations Welcome!

Types of Submissions: 

Papers (2-6 pages, peer-reviewed, submissions due 14 February 2022)
Abstracts (half-page, lightly reviewed)
Tutorials, Panel Sessions, and Demonstrations